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Tool Repairs and Service

  • Tool repair on most major brands. We repair electric jack hammers, rotary hammers, air nail guns, Gasoline powered concrete saws, circular saws. Fast turnaround. 

Labor Pricing Policy:

  • Small Tools: $35 per hour
    Medium/Large Tools: $45 per hour
    Gasoline Equipment: $55 per hour
  • All repairs will be charged a minimum of 1 hour labor plus parts and additional miscellaneous supplies fee of $5.00.


    Small Electric Tools: $15
    Medium: $45.00 (Local drop-off), $55.00 (Online)
  • Large Jackhammers: $55.00 local drop-off repair / $120.00 (online). 
  • Gasoline Equipment: $45 (Local Only)
  • Air Tools: Air Nail Guns: $25

    Note: Deposits are not refundable 

    Tools that are not repaired shall be returned un-assembled as they are not safe to operate and for other liability reasons.

    Tools not picked up or paid in full within 30 days of repair completion are subject to $2 per day storage fees and thereafter subject to liquidation.

    Time of repair could be delayed due to availability of parts and other unforeseen delays. Once parts are ordered repair cannot be canceled unless customer pays for parts and the deposit is not included in the cost of the parts and is not refundable.

    Warranty: 30 days only on services performed. Parts are subject to manufacturer’s warranty.
  • We repair most major brands such as Milwaukee, Makita, Bosch, Skil, Dewalt, Metabo, etc. 
  • Parts sales and ordering for most brands.


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